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Hazardous Area Panels

We build panels for special applications like Mining, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, etc., where the area of panel installation and operation has Hazardous Gases present in the environment and hence the equipment need to be protected from creating a Hazard.

PLC Based Panels

Large Pump Controls

Very large pumps are used for applications in Water industry, Oil Pipelines, Rigs, Offshore, etc. These are highly critical applications and hence the downtime on these items are very very expensive.

SIL Panels

Safety Instrumented Systems are used where Safety is of very high importance and loss of lives or loss of equipment or loss to environment is extremely important.

The level of safety is based on the risk reduction factor (RRF) a particular system is able to provide.

SIL-2, SIL-3 & SIL-4 certified systems as per IEC-61508 & IEC-61511.

Compressor Controls

Compressor Controls is something that requires specialization and a lot of product as well as process knowledge. This is one of our forte'.

We have worked with major Compressor OEMs across the world for providing the compressor controls. We have proudly engineered, built, supplied and commissioned more than 1000 panels for Compressor Controls.

Turbo-Generator Panels

Turbines are extremely expensive equipment which are expected to run for years together with extremely less downtime.We have a huge experience of working in Turbine Controls and have delivered 1000+ turbine control systems so far.

Machine Monitoring System Panels

Machine Monitoring System (MMS) Panels are used for protection of large rotating equipment like Turbine, Compressors, Blowers & Pumps from damage due to High Vibration, High Bearing Temperatures, High internal temperatures, High pressure, etc. using special Controllers specifically used for such measurement.

Power Panels

Power Panels are used for providing supply to various electrical equipment and for the protection of such electrical equipment.

SCADA Systems

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems facilitate the operator with accuracy and ease of access of field data on a computer screen with lots of facilities and flexibilities in automated reporting systems as well as creating alarms and trip alerts to the operator.

We offer lot of options to the client for their SCADA requirement including convenient reporting, Data Logging, Flexible Trending, etc.

Desk Panels

Desk Panels are special applications where the panels are shaped as a desk and the instruments mounted on the panel front such that the operator can view and control these instruments while sitting comfortably on their chair. Such panels are supplied for small applications of Turbines or power Control.

Pneumatic Priority Panels

Marshalling Cabinets are panels which are primarily used for connection of the field cables and wires.

Marshalling Cabinets

Marshalling Cabinets are panels which are primarily used for connection of the field cables and wires.

Contract Manufacturing

We can provide the customers with only manufacturing services based on client's design and input documents with the best quality controls and least rejections.