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LV Power Distribution Boards / Panels

  • LV Power Distribution Boards (PDB) / Panels are used for providing supply to various LV electrical equipment and also for the protection of such electrical equipment.

LV MCC (Motor Control Centers)

  • LV Motor Control Centers (MCC) are used for providing supply to different types of LV motors while providing the protection for motors.

Automatic Mains Failure Panel

  • At places where there are frequent incoming supply failures or where there are multiple supplies, Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Panels are used to change over the incoming supply from one source to the other automatically without any human intervention.
  • We use special controllers from ABB or Siemens or other well known makes for such applications."

DC Motor Starter Panels

  • DC Motors have a special requirement during starting since the starting current can be extremely high considering zero back EMF.
  • We offer DC Motor starters for applications such as Emergency Oil Pumps, Jacking Oil Pumps for Turbines and other similar applications where Oil pumps are required to start in emergency situations using a DC Voltage.
  • We have built and supplied 300+ DC Motor Starter panels.

AC Motor Starter Panels

  • We offer various types of LV Motor starters for different applications.
  • We provide DOL Starters, Star-Delta Starters & Soft Starters for all types of Induction motors.

VFD Panels / Inverter Panels

  • VFD panels, also known as Inverter Panels, are required where the speed of the motor needs to be changed frequently.
  • The speed control is achieved using changing the frequency of the supply to the motor.