A Complete Instrumentation solution company with huge amount of experience in Hazardous area Panels and SIL control systems and SIL control panels.

From field to Operator Workstation,
we are a complete solutions company.

Focus Areas

Special Focus on electrical and Instumentation system of

  • Turbo machines Control systems
  • Compressor Controls
  • Blower Controls
  • Pump Controls
  • Turbine-Generator Set Panels

Safety Instrumented Systems

We have TUV certified engineers to design, build and deliver Safety critical Control Systems certified up to SIL-3

Solutions for


Oil & Gas

Innovating automation solutions to meet fast-changing demands of the oil & gas industry with ensuring complete safety and security.


Improving operational routine while increasing flexibility so that power industries can produce maximum energy with minimum effort.


Streamlining pharmaceutical operation through automated technologies to improve efficiency and accuracy while reducing errors.


Developing the leading automation system in the fertilizer industry to provide better visibility, quality control, precision and efficiency.


Our automation solution drives the performance and optimizes infrastructure operations by connecting the plant, site, facility, and people.


Enhancing the productivity and energy efficiency of a broad range of chemical processes through smart & sustainable automation solutions.

Fire & Gas Systems

Manufacturing intelligent, configurable and expandable automation & control system which meets a wide range of fire system needs.


Helping to produce high-quality products with consistent metallurgical properties by optimizing critical operations in the metal plant.

Water & Waste Solutions

Smart automation & control panels deliver operational excellence and minimize energy use while reducing maintenance activities.


Designed and developed for optimized gasification performance which increases efficiency and provides real-time monitoring.

Huge experience in building all types of panels for various sectors

Solutions for the world

Over 10,000 panels delivered across the world.


Get the latest updates about the implementation of automation & control systems and know how it is building, scaling and enabling smart processes around diverse industries.


Customer Satisfaction

We innovate and develop solutions that create value for our customers and satisfy their needs beyond expectation to enable long-lasting trust.


On Time Delivery

We offers transparent tracking and timely delivery for customers.


40 years of

Working in Panels Industries

Panels with proven working of more than 300,000 hours (more than 35 years) and still counting.