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The design team includes highly experienced and trained professionals.
Based on customer requirements, we identify components suitable for the project and would make the project cost-effective.
Identify the architecture suitable for the project.
Designing is carried out on AutoCAD by our highly experienced professionals.
Purchase & Stores
All material requirements are handled by this department.
The inward and outward materials are handled by this department.
Handle material in proper co-ordination with the Accounts department.
This department takes care of all the finance related activities in co-ordination with the purchase and HR. It also takes care of the finance related to imported materials procured by the company.
  Fabrication Shop Facility
  • Hydraulic Sheet bending press suitable for 4mm thick MS sheets of up to 8 feet length.
  • Hydraulic Sheet Machine for cutting up to 5mm thick MS sheet.
  • Electrical Welding Machine.
  • Other fabrication shop tools & tackles for punching, drilling, cutting, grinding & buffing operation.
  • Jigsaw & Hacksaw Machine.
  • Bench Grinder.
  • Disc Grinder & Wheel Grinder.
  Painting Shop Facility:
  • 7 tanks for sheet metal chemical treatments for de-rusting, degreasing & phosphating.
  • Necessary hand tools for surface preparation of articles before painting.
  • Air Compressor for spray painting.
  • Oven for stowing of painted articles of approx. size 2.3 meters x 2.0 meters x 1.8 meters.
  Assembly Shop Facility:
  • Hand tools for wiring work like wire lugs crimping tools, wire cutters & insulation stripers, Pliers etc.
  • Hydraulic bending machine for copper & aluminum flats.
  • Tube benders & Cutters for o, 25” to 1.25” tube size SS & copper.
  Final Product Testing Facility:
  • Megger testing to check insulation level at 1000/5000 VDC.
  • High Voltage tester suitable for testing the equipment at 2.5 kV for LT equipment & up to 50 kV for testing of HT equipments.
  • HT Megger Testing Equipment at 5 KV, 10 k- 1 T.
  • 3-ph. Primary current injection Transformer up to 2000A for Load Test.
  • Test kit for secondary injection in Protection relays & meters.
  • Instrument Calibration source for mA, RTD & THC inputs.
  • Pneumatic leakage test setup.
  Product approvals:
  • CMRI Test Certificate for Flameproof Enclosures.
  • CMRI Test Certificate for Purge Type Panels.
  • ERDA Test Certificate for WP cabinets.
  • ERDA Test Certificate for Short Circuit & HV Test for (Lightening Arrestor), (Surge Capacitor) & (Potential Transformer) LA, SC & PT Panels (HT)
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